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A Meet Policy

A Meets occur on Saturday mornings (5 total).  These are the meets that are scored and determine the division winner.  In each age group only 3 swimmers from a team can swim each event.  A swimmer can swim a maximum 2 of the 4 individual events, plus up to two relays (most will swim just one relay).  This limitation in the number of events allows for greater number of participants, but also makes creating the most competitive line-up challenging.  Swimmers with the fastest times (from previous A or B meets) will be preferentially placed in each event.  As a result of roster limits and how our swimmers match up with the opposing team, a child’s A meet events may change week to week.

You will notice that on the schedule you can sign up for A meets.  By signing up, you are telling us whether or not your child is available to swim that day (this does not mean they will swim at the A meet).  So please sign up whether or not your child is available to swim.

 A preliminary line-up is generated Tuesday prior to the meet.  It is not finalized until Thursday night, and thus a copy of the final line-up will not be available until Friday morning.  If you have questions before Friday, you can contact Coach Jennifer or the SOC team reps and we can give you an idea of what your child might swim, but cannot guarantee it will not change until after the meet sheets are finalized on Thursday night.

Due to the small size of our team, there may be open slots in the older age groups.  NVSL allows younger swimmers to “swim-up” and fill these open slots.  It is in the best interest of the team to place swimmers in these spots for several reasons.  First, if the other team also lacks swimmers, it is an opportunity to score additional points.  Second, we can “substitute” swimmers if availability changes at the last minute on Saturday before the meet only if we have a swimmer listed in the spot.  Third, it gives your child an opportunity to gain experience and race in an A meet environment.  So, if you do not see your swimmer listed in his or her age group when the final meet sheet is made, please check the older age groups in case they have been moved up.

You may find that your child is listed to swim even though he or she is not able to attend.  This may be a mistake on our part, but we may have done this intentionally to hold open a spot in case a swimmer becomes available at the last minute.  This is becasue the NVSL does not permit us to fill empty slots after the meet sheet has been finalized.  Please feel free to let us know if you think we have erroneously placed your child in an event when they are not available to swim.

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