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    2019 Mini Stingrays Q&A

    We have a brand-new Stingrays Mini and I have so many questions! 

    1.  How do I know if my swimmer is a Mini or a regular Stingray?

    Answer:  Talk to a Team Rep and ask about bringing your swimmer to a regular Stingray practice for a coach evaluation. The Team Reps (Heather and Heather) may be reached at

    2.  How do I register my child to join the Mini Stingrays?

    Answer:  Step 1 - Please visit the Registration page on the Stingrays website  Sign your Mini up, but when you get to the payment screen, indicate that you are paying by check.
    Please do not pay on line.   

    Step 2 - Instead, please write a $40 check made out to SOC Pool and bring it to the first Minis swim practice.   

    Step 3 - Please note, you must also join the SOC Pool to swim with the Minis. 

    Step 4 - Email the Team Reps at SOCTEAMREP@GMAIL.COM, so they will be ready to welcome your Mini to the team.

    3.  How much does it cost to become a Mini Stingray?

    Answer: $40 fee for coach recognition/Funday Monday practices. Please do not pay on line. Instead, please write a $40 check made out to SOC Pool and bring it to the first Minis swim practice.

    4.  Does my Mini Stingray need an official Stingrays Team Suit?

    Answer: No, it is not necessary to buy an official Stingrays team suit. If your child wants one, they are certainly for sale, but it is not required for Stingray Minis to have a team suit. If you do not plan to buy an official Stingrays Team Suit, you do not need to attend the Try On Day.

    5. Does my Mini Stingray need to wear goggles?

    Answer: No, it is not absolutely necessary to wear goggles, but most swimmers do prefer to wear googles when swimming.  It is very difficult to swim without wearing goggles!!  There is no specific type or brand of goggles required.  Just a pair that is comfortable for the swimmer.  They can be purchased from Amazon or at any swim store.   

    6.  Does my Mini Stingray need to wear a swim cap?

    Answer: No, minis do not have to wear swim caps. They certainly may wear them if they prefer to. We have caps with last years logo for sale – please email the Team Reps at SOCTEAMREP@GMAIL.COM if you are interested in purchasing one. A plain, non-Stingrays swim cap can be purchased from Amazon or at any swim store.

    7.  Should my Mini Stingray show up for Team Pictures?

    Answer: Yes, definitely! Team and individual pictures will be taken on Wednesday, June 5th starting at 5:15pm. The team picture will be taken at 6:15pm (please be there by 6 for set up). Any swimmers that have not had their individual picture taken by 6pm, but want one, will do so after the team picture is done. Please join us! Most of the swimmers will be in bathing suits for the picture (team or plain suits preferred). Minis do not need an official Stingrays Team Suit.  Sitting for the Team Picture is not mandatory and neither is buying any pictures.

    8.  When does practice for the Mini Stingrays start?

    Answer: Minis practices start on June 17th and will be held every weekday morning from 8:30-9:00am. There will be no practice on July 4th.  We anticipate the last Minis practice will be on or around July 22nd.  There are a number of Minis Coordinators that will be waiting for your Mini before practices are set to begin. The Minis will wait with the Coordinators until it is time go to into the water. SOC coaches will help run the Minis practices and volunteer SOC Stingray swimmers will help the Minis in the pool. 

    9.  What meets will my Mini be able to swim in?

    Answer:  Minis swim in the Popsicle or Lollipop races that are held at the beginning of each of the Monday evening meets (a.k.a “B” Meets). Please see, for the full schedule of events.  Some Minis will jump in and swim the length of the pool on their own. Some won’t jump into the pool—they will start in the water and push off the wall. Others will use a kickboard. And some Minis will have a volunteer swimmer in the water with them, with a kickboard, during the race. It all depends on the Mini!

    10.  What does my Mini swimmer need to bring to every practice and meet?

    Answer: A bottle of water, a towel, and cap & goggles, if desired.  Socks and sneakers are helpful for dry-land exercise during practice and a sweatshirt will keep them warm on cool mornings.

    11.  Can my Mini come to the Friday Night Potluck Pep Rallies?

    Answer:  YES!!! Absolutely!! Not mandatory, but yes, they are part of the team and should have fun with the team!!

    12.  Can my Mini come to the Funday Monday morning practices?

    Answer:  ABSOLUTELY!!!! These practices generally involve some type of fun food after the practice is over, like donuts, crazy cereal, and pancakes!!

    13.  Can my Mini go on the SOC Kings Dominion Trip?

    Answer:  Yes!! NVSL provides discounted ticket prices at Kings Dominion for certain dates. SOC swimmers have an annual tradition of going as a group. SOC does not provide transportation or chaperones for this event—parents and swimmers communicate and swimmers are matched with parents who are going on the trip. 

    14.  How can I find up-to-date information on the Stingrays, including upcoming events, weather-related practice cancellations, unforeseen pool closures?

    Answer: Follow us on Social Media!!


    Twitter: @SocStingrays

    Facebook: @SOCstingrays

    15.  How can I help?

    Answer: You can volunteer at the Monday evening meets (a.k.a, “B” Meets). Go to the page and click on the Job Signup link to volunteer at the next scheduled Monday evening meet. It is kindly requested that at least one parent volunteer at each meet that your swimmer is participating in on Monday nights. The meets take an army of volunteers to put on. It’s also a great way to meet and get to know your community!

    Hello Stingrays Parents - Minis Coaches Sign Ups!

    We have a good group of minis signed up to take part in our Mini Stingray program this summer. If you have a swimmer that is age 12-18 that would like to help with our minis program please sign up for as many days as your swimmer can attend. We will pair up each mini with a mini coach and would like to stay as consistent as possible for the minis.

    Minis will begin Monday, June 17th and run Monday thru Friday until July 19th (no minis on June 26th or July 4). The program is 8:30am - 9am but we ask that the minis coaches arrive at 8:15am to be paired with their mini. This is a volunteer position so if your swimmer needs service hours we will be more than happy to sign paper work to verify that they volunteered.

    Here is the link to the signup genius, In the notes section of the signup please list your swimmers name(s).

    Thank you!!

    If you still have questions, please email SOCTEAMREP@GMAIL.COM

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