Time Trials - Swimmer Availability (choose strokes) and Volunteering


Please visit the Stingrays website NOW — don’t wait — to indicate your swimmer’s availability this season - mark availability for as many meets as possible. It’s super important to let us all know in advance (when possible) of swimmer absences from meets!! There is nothing worse than finding out at 7:30am on a Saturday morning that a swimmer on two relay teams and two individual events…….is not even in Virginia! It has happened. 

Quick note to parents of Minis: Minis will not swim in Saturday meets, only "popsicle races" at the Monday night meets so please mark your swimmers availability for the Monday meets so we can plan ahead. In addition, we also need Monday night volunteers so if you can help on Mondays please keep reading for directions on how to volunteer.

For all parents of swimmers that are not familiar with meet availability and volunteer sign ups, here are directions….

1. Visit Swimtopia at https://socstingrays.swimtopia.com/and sign in to your account

2. Click "Schedule" and choose "Swim Meets and Events" from the drop-down menu

3. For each meet, click on Meet Entry

4. Click on the blue Edit button at the bottom

5. For each of your swimmers, click on the drop-down menu and choose either Not Attending or Attending. For Time Trials and Monday meets you and your swimmer may choose the swimmers strokes. Only at Time Trials can a swimmer swim all four strokes, Monday night meets they may swim up to two strokes, plus the individual medley.

6. Click on the Save button - MUST CLICK "SAVE"

7. Then………Click on the blue Sign Up for Job Shifts button.

8. Click on the Sign Up for Jobs button under the parent name

9. Choose at least one job and then click on Save Assignment

A quick note about volunteering…………..

We cannot have a swim team or swim meets without volunteers. Just to clarify…..we cannot have a swim meet………without…….volunteers. We get that not every family can volunteer at every meet, but if a family is at a meet, we expect at least one adult family member to be volunteering at the meet! Please visit https://socstingrays.swimtopia.com/volunteer-descriptions for information about the volunteer positions. 

We are completely open to parents splitting up volunteer positions. Parents can discuss with other parents splitting the meet in half and sharing the volunteer job. Time Trials and our first Monday night meet is the perfect time to learn a volunteer job!! Our team is larger than last year so we'd like everyone to have some time to learn and volunteer throughout the season. 


6/15: Time Trials at SOC Pool, we are hosting Long Branch (8am SOC warm up, 9am meet starts). SWIMMERS (not minis) CAN SWIM AS MANY STROKES AS THEY WANT AT THIS EVENT.

Please go to Swimtopia now and indicate swimmer availability (plus strokes and volunteer sign up. 

6/17: First morning practice! First mini Stingray practice!

6/17: B-Meet at SOC Pool, hosting Truro (5pm warm up, 6pm first splash)

Questions? Please contact Heather A or Heather L at socteamrep@gmail.com.


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