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Mini Team Policy

Not sure if your child is ready for the regular Stingrays swim team, or may be better off on the Stingrays Mini team?   

If your child swam on the Mini team last year, was able to complete a length of freestyle at the end of last year, or swam in a competitive program this winter, they might be ready for the regular Stingrays swim team.  Bring your child to the first day of practice, and our coaches will assess your child.  If they are not ready for the regular Stingrays team, they will start Minis practice once school gets out.

If your child is new to Minis or swam with the Minis last year but did not compete in an A or B meet, your child will likely start Mini practice when morning practices start after schools get out.  At this time we will have more space, and more assistants to make sure that your child has as much individual attention and fun as possible to aid in their stroke development.  All that we ask is that your child is able to put their face in the water without fear, and be able to float for several seconds on their face or back.  There is no minimum age for this group as different children mature at different paces.  If your child is not ready to practice with the minis at this time, your team registration fee will be refunded, and we will recommend swim lessons through the pool.

Again, if you have any questions about when and where your child should start swimming with the SOC stingrays, please contact either Coach Jennifer at soccoaches@gmail.com or the SOC team reps at socteamrep@gmail.com.

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